VAT Representative

Tellus TAX offers a wide range of services. Among them is the VAT representative service.

Non-established companies within the EU and EEC

From time to time it is however easier to appoint a VAT representative. Tellus TAX offers those services. When a non-established foreign company operates a business falling under the Swedish VAT Act it is obliged to register for VAT. Foreign companies established within the EU and EEC can handle their VAT representation on their own.

Non-established companies outside the EU and EEC

Companies established in other regions than EU and EEC are obliged to to appoint a VAT representative.

Tellus TAX is in the position to act has such a representative

How often is the VAT return due?

Those regulations are the same for all companies with a swedish VAT number.

Annual VAT return, when your turnover do not exceed 1 million SEK

Quarterly VAT return, when your turn over exceeds 1 million SEK but not 40 million SEK.

Monthly, when your turnover exceeds 40 million SEK

Every company irrexpective of the turnover other than those over 40 millon SEK, can opt for a shorter period than what is regulated.